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Oh my! This is something I promised to [livejournal.com profile] rearranged and [livejournal.com profile] badjujuboo, and is an in no way comprehensive list of things I've liked in Avengers fandom. Cutting by pairings because whoo boy, this got long! I haven't put anything in the way of summaries and tbh my laziness is so epic that this being anything more than a big list of ugly links feels like SUCH an accomplishment. Endless respect to people who actually rec properly omg.

Also! I've tried not to rec anything that is based in comic canon to such an extent that you actually need to know the canon beforehand. (AKA there are no post Civil War fics waiting to choke you with angst hurrah!)

edit: 23/10/2012 - OKAY so even just since posting this list I've read a few more awesome fics so I'm going to keep adding to this list intermittently. Enjoy!

Tony/Steve )

Clint/Coulson )

Bruce/Tony )

others, threesomes, moresomes, multiple pairings )

There absolutely MUST be amazing things I've missed out, so hey, drop anything in the comments that you think I/other people should read. As the list (especially the 'other' section) indicates, I will read pretty much anything haha.

WOW, I have done no work today because I kept rereading ALL THE THINGS. Happy sunday, guys.
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Oh my! This is something I promised to [livejournal.com profile] rearranged and [livejournal.com profile] badjujuboo, and is an in no way comprehensive list of things I've liked in Avengers fandom. Cutting by pairings because whoo boy, this got long! I haven't put anything in the way of summaries and tbh my laziness is so epic that this being anything more than a big list of ugly links feels like SUCH an accomplishment. Endless respect to people who actually rec properly omg.

Also! I've tried not to rec anything that is based in comic canon to such an extent that you actually need to know the canon beforehand. (AKA there are no post Civil War fics waiting to choke you with angst hurrah!)

edit: 23/10/2012 - OKAY so even just since posting this list I've read a few more awesome fics so I'm going to keep adding to this list intermittently. Enjoy!

Tony/Steve )

Clint/Coulson )

Bruce/Tony )

others, threesomes, moresomes, multiple pairings )

There absolutely MUST be amazing things I've missed out, so hey, drop anything in the comments that you think I/other people should read. As the list (especially the 'other' section) indicates, I will read pretty much anything haha.

WOW, I have done no work today because I kept rereading ALL THE THINGS. Happy sunday, guys.
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Title: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Go To Washington
Rating: Teen, for language
Fandoms: The West Wing/Marvel
Summary: "We're both busy men," Fury says as soon as the door is hut. "How would President Bartlet like to meet Captain America?"

President Bartlet, Leo reflects privately, would damn near piss his pants with excitement.

Notes: I’ll be honest, I did not put a huge amount of thought into timeframes with this one. Set at some point in the first few seasons of The West Wing, with a Marvel timeline heavily influenced by the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes cartoons.
Disclaimer: I own none of the things.

read at ao3
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Alright so I'm jumping on the bandwagon a couple of days late to participant in the [community profile] snowflake_challenge.

My main (only? 2013 was actually kinda bitchin. The latter half, anyway) regret about last year is how thoroughly I fell out of fandom. I was sad about various of my Marvel fics-in-progress getting jossed (sometimes literally!), not that interested in writing HP or Merlin, and utterly unable to finish anything Star Trek. Sigh. And when I can't write, I feel like I'm not participating, and I stop reading, which sucks. SO! There is this challenge, which I'm hoping will reawaken my fannish glee. I'm gonna start from day 1, even though I'm late, and hopefully catch up as the challenge progresses.

In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created. It can be your favorite fanworks that you've created, or fanworks you feel no one ever saw, or fanworks you say would define you as a creator. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

(note: some of these are super old! given my fandom-fail the last year, that shouldn't be a surprise. I've tried to pick things that I feel give an overview of Me And Fandom.)

Tell Me About It [Harry Potter, James Sirius/Scorpius, Albus/Scorpius, explicit, 4500 words]

This fic makes me cackle every time I think of it. I have no idea where it came from, only that I wrote it probably in the space of a couple of hours. BASICALLY, Scorpius decides he's going to seduce one or more Potter brothers, failing to realise that they have plans of their own. As someone said in a comment, James and Al are "about an inch away from being very bad Potters indeed and getting closer than the average bros". I like the sneakiness of all participants. My favourite parts to write, and to reread, are the scenes between Al and James, because they're such little shits.

Rebellion (And Suffering the Consequences) [Harry Potter, Draco/James Sirius, explicit, 21000 words]

In this fic, James is young and pretty broken up still over discovering his father's infidelity when he gets a job working under Draco Malfoy and begins an affair of his own.

Okay. I wasn't going to include this one, but after a bit of thought, I realised that my 'fandom experience' would be woefully incomplete if I didn't acknowledge this fic. There's a lot in here that is very personal, and it's only in the last year or so that I've reread it and managed to get all the way through it. In some ways I like it. I know that some readers were dissatisfied with the ending, and I totally understand why. Narratively, the thing that happened should not have happened. I want to shake James until his teeth rattle and make him run in the other direction. But a lot of the reason I'm proud of this fic is that they are pretty much all very flawed people, and they don't do what they should. They do what they want, even in the face of the knowledge that it's wrong. Another thing I really like about this fic is James and Draco's profession. Basically, wizarding lawyers.

We Pull These Jobs to Make A Little Money (No One Gets Hurt if They Don't Act Funny) [Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, explicit, 49000 words]

In which Arthur and the knights are bank robbers, and Merlin is a (temporarily) unwitting employee of their latest target. AKA in which Leashy attempts plot with some degree of success! I had to include this one because I spent so long writing it, so long bending my flist's ears about it, and so long dancing around the room when I finally finished it.

The Wrong Avalon [Merlin x Doctor Who, Arthur/Merlin, Amy/Rory, teen, 12000 words]

A crossover! *le gasp* I've never really written crossovers, and certainly not long ones. These two fandoms just seemed at the time I started writing (around s5 of Doctor Who, between s2 and 3 of Merlin) to be absolutely crying out for some crossover action. The basic premise is that when Merlin sent Arthur to Avalon, he really should have specified mystical island, rather than intergalactic space hotel, OOPS. Epic fail, Merlin, epic fail. So, the Doctor takes Amy and Rory there for their honeymoon, and that's when the characters meet. Naturally, the Doctor can't help interfering, and even more naturally, True Love Conquers All. I like this one primarily because I feel like I really nailed 11's style of speech, and managed to hit the single-episode-adventure feel that I enjoyed about both shows at the time.

The Only Tune I Like [Marvel, Tony/Pepper, 3200 words]

Aaaaand my most recent fandom, hurrah. SO, there's a moment early on in The Avengers when Pepper whispers something incentive-like to Tony and his face, you guys oh my god. I was genuinely distracted from the next five minutes of the film because PEGGING PEGGING THAT WAS TOTALLY ABOUT PEGGING. So that's what this is. The pegging fic I was promising myself from my first viewing of the film. I like this because it's a canon pairing! Wait, come back, that sounded odd. The thing is, me and canon? Meh. We're nodding acquaintances at best. Generally I am too desperate for any little bit of queer representation to get too invested in canon (invariably het) ships but Tony and Pepper? Yes please. Eternally yes please.

The main reason I like this fic is because writing Tony Stark is never not fun, but it is also very often angsty and kind of draining (issues re: intelligence, parents, alcohol. If I was a) cooler, b) fictional and c) a very wealthy dude, I like to believe I would be Tony Stark), so this little porny interlude was a whole bunch of fun to write. Also, Pepper is a queen, a flawless HBIC, and I would never turn down the opportunity to write her rendering Tony non-verbal.

And that's it! I will try to do the next couple of days soon as I am unexpectedly un-busy until Sunday, woot.

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they say nytoa uhura can destroy any man with two words. carol marcus will smile while her blade slides home. christine chapel can do things with a laser scalpel that would make a klingon cry

metal on our tongues and silver in our lungs, a mix for the reboot ladies of the mirrorverse


tracklist )
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Pick a trope from this list and provide a fandom/pairing and I’ll tell you something about the story I’d write for that combination (i.e. write a snippet from the story or write not!fic or tell you the title and summary for the story I would write)

pretending to be married/fake dating
high school/college AU
handcuffed together
next-door neighbors AU
secretly a virgin
be careful what you wish for
accidental baby acquisition
truth or dare
sharing a bed
road trip
groundhog’s day/time travel
curtain fic/domestic fic

You know my fandoms, I think, flist, even if I haven't posted fic in ages, and have been writing nothing but Trek recently oops. (I have started writing so many of these already haha.)

PS: I am soooooooo booooooooored. Fie on study skills lectures. Help?

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Jun. 28th, 2013 10:47 pm
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Title: Fortunate Son by mardia
Fandom: Star Trek (Reboot)
Rated: Explicit
Pairing: Kirk/McCoy
Word Count: 50k
Author's Summary: When Leonard McCoy is kidnapped and held for ransom, Jim Kirk and the Enterprise crew have no idea that the kidnapping is connected to McCoy's past as a young doctor on Tarsus IV.

Why I loved it: I have absolutely torn through this fic last night and today, and been completely gripped. The premise itself is really interesting - I've seen a lot of fics on how reboot Kirk would (fail) to deal with Tarsus but the whole point here is that maybe he was never there in this universe. Maybe a young, green, wet-behind-the-ears but still recognisably Bonesian Leonard McCoy was instead.

It's a wonderful, occasionally harrowing look at the outcomes of that possibility, and is told in alternating sections between now, when McCoy has been kidnapped, ostensibly for ransom, and Tarsus. There are a ton of wonderful OCs, and you know it's good when you cry over OC deaths. Which I did. A ton, so be warned on that front, I guess.

Really good, plotty, intrigue type fic, with many a TOS reference (Harry Mudd!) including an explanation of where TOS McCoy's baby blues got to. Go forth and adore.

can you guess which ao3 tags i have been trawling for fic recently? >.>

♥ 029

Jun. 18th, 2013 08:05 pm
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Title: Switch (series) by Ceres_Libera
Fandom: Star Trek (Reboot)
Rated: Mature
Pairing: Kirk/McCoy, various other pairings including Kirk/OC and McCoy/OC
Word Count: ~265000 so far
Author's Summary: The life and times of Leonard H. McCoy MD/PhD … If Leonard McCoy's life could get any fucking weirder, it would be … Jesus, he didn't even want to think what that could possibly mean, because it's already been too fucking weird to make any kind of rational sense. A Starfleet Academy story, set in the ST:XI universe. (Summary of the first, 230k part)

Why I loved it: Oh god. Okay. Deep breaths. THIS. FUCKING. FIC.

I've devoured the complete parts over the last few days and just, augh. *incoherent flailing* There is just so much in here, you guys. So much world-building and so much psychology, and so many lovely (and heartbreaking) references to the wider canon. The really long first part follows Bones and Jim (through Bones's eyes) from when they first meet to an epilogue which takes place after the 2009 film ends and they are a little way into a five year mission.

I loooove academy fic anyway, but this is just so much more than an academy fic. There is such wonderful, heartbreaking detail about both their backgrounds, and the ways they try to find their places in the world. Bones's cynicism but also his empathy come through beautifully and Jim through Bones's eyes is just. Guh. Damaged and yet not in need of fixing, and so, so heartbreakingly young, in spite of everything. (PS, lots of Tarsus references, so, you know, be warned.)

There's another part of this still being written, which looks to be Gaila-centric, and I will be waiting with bated breath for that to be completed, because one thing this fic does is create a whole bunch of characters (some who are nods to TOS canon and some who are fresh) and bind them together, both as cadets and instructors and colleagues, until when Nero's attack finally comes it can't be anything other than completely heartbreaking.

Seriously guys. Run, don't walk, if only for McCoy's wonderful, glorious Gram. (But really for so much more than that.)
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Title: A Perfect Breath
Rating: Explicit
Pairing: Clint/Phil
Disclaimer: Marvel's, not mine
Summary: Phil's recovery has necessitated taking things slow, but now. Now he is better, and it is like before, and Clint never realised how much he'd been missing Phil's strength.
Content notes: Breathplay, fluff, PWP+feelings (AKA I found a whole bunch of ficlets in a folder and ta-da!)
Word count: ~1500

a perfect breath )

Or read on AO3
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Title: made as corresponding shapes
Fandom: Avengers
Rating: PG
Pairing: Clint/Phil (pre-slash)
Summary: Clint doesn't know why he goes by Agent Coulson's apartment, but what he finds is...unexpected. Meow.
Notes: Fix-it fic with a cat, aka possibly the most self-indulgent thing I've ever written. Title from 'Moving Forward' by Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. Rating for language.
Word count: ~4500
Disclaimer: Marvel's, not mine.

made as corresponding shapes )

ao3 link

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May. 8th, 2013 09:27 pm
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Title: A Lopsided Symmetry of Sin and Virtue by language_escapes
Fandom: Elementary
Rated: Teen
Pairing: Joan/Sherlock
Word Count: 25610
Author's Summary: "Joan thinks she should be less surprised by his sudden, “Watson, we’re getting married!” and yet, here she is, cooking her egg and trying not to be astonished."

Infants are vanishing, and Sherlock and Joan go undercover as a married couple to find their kidnappers.

Why I loved it: Okay so first of all, I was as pleased as anyone when the Elementary writers said that a romantic relationship was not their goal with Joan and Sherlock. But then they say things like "I think what you do is amazing" and "You already know I favour you" and "The thing that's different about me, empirically speaking, is you" and my brain catches on fire. Basically, I am in love with this show, and I am in love with the dynamic between Joan and Sherlock and tbh if they keep on doing what they're doing, I don't care if it eventually becomes a love relationship or remains a BFFs and awesome colleagues relationship. And honestly, I felt similarly through reading this fic. Whether the author had ended it with a romance or not, I would have been equally happy with this fic.

The case is, at times, harrowing, but I feel that that shows a lot of their strengths (particularly Joan's - her response was exactly the kind of classy and insightful behaviour the show has led me to expect), and as with the show, it's the relationship that makes it.

Okay, so as the summary says, they are undercover as a married couple, so they have all the best elements of that trope (closer contact, bed sharing etc) but it is done with the same level of respect for each other, and boundary negotiation that they demonstrate on the show. One of the things I really loved was how they differentiate certain touches and thoughts and feelings as belonging to their cover-selves, and some belonging to their true selves. There is a very lovely scene where Joan touches Sherlock's wrist, as she does often in the show (including in some of my favourite scenes) and that is their moment.

PLUS! Bonus Ms. Hudson. Run, don't walk.

sidebar: any other good Elementary fics out there? Shippy or gen, I am just in the mood because for anyone who doesn't follow my tumblr: I. AM. OBSESSED.
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The wonderfully talented and all around lovely [livejournal.com profile] mabonwitch promised me fic when I kicked my thesis into submission (academic puns are the best puns, y'all) and I gave the prompt of Steve and stockings, and received this amazing, gorgeous, hot, sensitive, funny, generally, you know, PERFECT genderqueer!Steve fic which you all need to go and read RIGHT NOW.

Just a taste by mabonwitch (4739 words, Steve/Tony, explicit)

I'm off for a(nother) reread because it is just that good. Thank you, love ♥

♥ 027

Apr. 20th, 2013 04:37 pm
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Title: The USS Shield by raiining
Fandom: Avengers x Star Trek fusion
Rated: Unrated (I'd say. Teen? Ish?)
Pairing: Phil/Clint
Word Count: 4146
Author's Summary: The first time Phil notices Clint Barton, the man is - there is no other word for it - swaggering across the east courtyard in a set of tight fitting standard-issue first year workout clothes. Phil is on his way to his fourth-year strategic command initiatives lab and he doesn’t pause to watch the man stride across campus.

But he does slow down a little.

Why I loved it: What's that you say? You didn't know you needed this fusion in your life? NOR DID I. Well, now you do, so go read! This is a lovely, team-centric fic, showing how these disparate individuals come together to form a team. Avengers in space! Avengers in Starfleet! Go, go, go read!
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Hey, dudes. I'm having my regularly scheduled 'stop oversharing with the internet' paranoia and doing a bit of a flist trim. I'm only intentionally cutting people who haven't updated in ages, or if our interests have wildly diverged and we don't talk much anymore. So, as ever, if you feel I've cut you by mistake YOU ARE COMPLETELY RIGHT, and please let me know.

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Apr. 9th, 2013 07:55 pm
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Title: We Are Built From Broken Parts by missbecky
Fandom: Avengers x Doctor Who crossover
Rated: Mature
Pairing: Steve/Tony
Word Count: 36146
Author's Summary: On his first day in office, Britain's new Prime Minister unleashes an alien terror upon the Earth. The Avengers are first formed to fight this threat - only to fail. Now the survivors are prisoners on board the Master's ship. And he has plans for them.

Why I loved it: YOUSE GUYS. So this is a crossover with the episodes Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords which are among some of my favourite episodes (weird floaty Time Lord moment aside *snerk*) but for those of you with minimal or no Who knowledge, I think you could totally still read and enjoy it, as it is from Tony's POV, not from that of a DW character.

Essentially, when The Master (bad guy) unleashes the Toclafane (killer...alien..sphere..things? Go with it), The Avengers are scrambled to deal with it. And they fail mightily and epically and what's left of them end up The Master's prisoners on The Valiant (couldn't help a giggle at the description of that ship as 'a poor man's helicarrier') for 'the year that never was'. Naturally The Master tries to enlist Tony in arming his ships, and Tony's response and rebellion fits so well with the DW story that I confess I squealed a little in glee.

Do pay attention to the tags on the story (temporary character death, and torture in particular) but I do recommend this one a lot. As I said to the author, I would pay actual cashmonies for Natasha and Martha's story because please. Who run the world, etc. The ending is not what I was expecting, but it works and I wouldn't describe it as an unhappy ending. Go, flist, go. Awesome fic.
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Title: Building the Republic of Heaven
Fandom: Avengers/His Dark Materials fusion
Rating: G
Characters: Clint, Phil, their daemons
Summary: Clint Barton was one of the children rescued from Bolvangar by Lyra and the Gyptians. He's been running ever since, and he doesn't intend to stop. Except...
Notes: Written for my 'dæmons' square at trope_bingo. This fic stands alone but it is the first part in a series because I don't know when to stop. Some knowledge of HDM would probably be helpful in reading. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] isisanubis for the beta.
Word count: ~3000

Building the republic of heaven )

Also available at AO3

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Mar. 23rd, 2013 09:35 pm
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Title: Murder at the Savoy Hotel by orderlychaos
Fandom: Avengers
Rated: Teen and up
Pairings: Clint/Phil
Word Count: 48445
Author's Summary: Phillip Coulson, the famous detective, strode through the revolving doors of the Savoy Hotel just before seven in the evening. When Phil walked up to the reception, the clerk behind the desk smiled warmly in greeting. “It is a pleasure to see you again, Mr Coulson,” he said. “How may I help you this evening?”

When tragedy strikes at the Savoy Hotel, a beautiful socialite is found dead in her room. Her prized possesion, the Blue Star Diamond is stolen amongst the chaos. Detective Inspector Sitwell of Scotland Yard calls on the famous detective Phillip Coulson for help on the case.

Except nothing is quite what it seems and Phil must decide whether he can trust the help of the infamous scoundrel Clint Barton as they sift through intrigue, scandal and secrets to solve the MURDER AT THE SAVOY HOTEL.

Why I Loved It: LOOKIT THAT SUMMARY. It's a 30s Christie-esque AU with murder and mystery and stolen gemstones. WHY WOULD I NOT LOVE IT? WHY WOULD ANYONE NOT LOVE IT?!

Augh, you guys, it's just so well-plotted and the romance is sweet and bits of canon are slotted in beautifully. I keep thinking OH AND THAT CHARACTER, I LOVED THEM TOO, about, f'rinstance, Bucky, or Pepper, or Bruce. I must make a special mention of the scenes with Clint and Natasha. Wonderfully done, and paints their relationship as a family of choice in a really lovely, convincing way, without overlong trips to the department of backstory.

Best part! It's the first part of a series! There isn't any more yet, but I swear I haven't hit the subscribe button on AO3 so fast for a long time.

spoiler alert: this will not be the only Christie-esque fic I rec on this list. Fandom is a wonderful thing.

♥ 024

Mar. 19th, 2013 12:27 am
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Title: We were emergencies by gyzym
Fandom: Avengers
Rated: Explicit
Pairings: Clint/Natasha

Author's Summary: It's not about being unmade; it's about remaking, one aching step at a time.
Word Count: 37154

Why I Loved It: Augh. I feel like this is probably one of those fics that ruins me for all others. I don't always ship this pairing but when it works it's amazing. I would suggest you read the author's note at the end, as there are, as the author states, some parallels with a rape narrative. Basically the story is about the aftermath of brainwashing and memory-futzing. Post-Loki, Clint finds that he wasn't the only one whose mind was messed with - Natasha really does believe love is for children (again) and she doesn't remember their relationship.

This is a really gorgeously done look at how they might start to get past that, how they might mesh up their pasts when they're so full of gaps and times they've been taken apart. As well as the premise, and the obviously excellent writing (because it's gyzym) I really love the fact that this story is about two dangerous, slightly scary people in love.

Also! Not one but two podfics available for this one.


Feb. 24th, 2013 04:37 pm
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Title: Love in the Three-Ninth Kingdom by lavvyan, podfic by kalakirya
Fandom: Avengers (movie verse)
Rated: G
Pairings: Clint/Phil

Author's Summary: Clint and Coulson are in mutually unrequited love. Natasha has no patience for their drama. And if the world were a nicer place to live in, she wouldn't have to deal with it. Alas.
Word Count: ~4500

Why I Loved It:
Oh my godddd. This fic. THIS FIC. Outsider POV is another of those things that only work for me occasionally. This one is so, so good. Natasha watches Clint fall for Coulson and I'm pretty sure strains something rolling her eyes. Then Coulson falls for Clint and all is well right? RIGHT? NO. Because men are stupid. Obviously, this being Natasha POV, she has the best lines and I want to kiss someone for the existence of dialogue like this: "I would call you a chicken, but they have very effective mating rituals," she points out. "You don't. The chicken is your superior."

I just smile the whole way through reading this fic every time.


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