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Title: The Shy Stars
Pairing: R/S, but with mentions of non-canon others.
Rating: r for sexual activity and drug use.
Summary: This is a story about the love of my life. It's not a very nice one.
Notes & Warnings: First person, lots of angst, no happy ending. Because sometimes you just don't get one, even in a no-Voldemort AU. Title and quote at the end are from carol Ann Duffy poems (Grammar of Light and Oslo respectively). Feels maybe a bit weird because there's so little dialogue, which is usually what I'm most comfortable with. And yes, I am aware that I'm wittering a bit now. Onwards.
Words: ~6300
Disclaimer: JKR's, not mine.

The Shy Stars )
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Title: History and Truth (prologue and Chapter 1)
Rating: PG for now, will probably be higher in later chapters
Summary: There's history, and then there's truth. Remus Lupin never imagined he'd be the keeper of the wizarding world's biggest secret - he and he alone knows the truth of what happened when Harry Potter confronted Lord Voldemort, and he never intends to say a word. Let them have their history, the truth is for him alone. Something - or someone, rather - is about to change all that.
Pairing: For now, gen. Will be R/S eventually (promise!).
Notes: WIP. AU. There are still horcuxes, but beyond that, everything's pretty different.
Words: ~500 (prologue) ~1000 (chapter 1)

Prologue: History )

Chapter 1 - Truth
Pls to forgive the totally unintentional Blackadder reference. Cookies if you see it ;)

Chapter 1: Truth )
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Title: Some Things (1/1)
Author: Lyds
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Basically a, 'what if', AU type thing. It can become AU from pretty much any time before they start fighting in the first war, but in my head, the background for this is that James, not Sirius, sent Snape to the shack. It doesn't come up though, so whatever floats your boat.
Notes: I maintain that if the puppies had watched more mafia films, the whole mess could have been averted. Because the one who brings you the message is always the rat - so to speak - right? Right!
Disclaimer: JKR’s, not mine.
Words: About 2000

Some Things )
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Every Love and Each Regret
Part 3, Chapter 6
Lyrics from Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul's Inside of me (Second song down)

That's it! Finished!
This part rated R.

evrything i've ever wanted is here baby )
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Every Love and Each Regret
Part 3, Chapter 2
Lyrics from Elvis Costello's After the Fall
Since it's been ruthlessly pointed out to me that dear George is well, a bit bent I'm just making it known that this is my other husband. I know he's seriously over-represented in the lyrics for this fic, but he is god. Honest!

you were sharp and ideal as a bobby pin, now your eyes are deserted and quiet )
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Every Love and Each Regret
Part 3, Chapter 1.
Lyrics from George Michael's A Different Corner shut up about my admittedly swag taste in music. he is my husband. HUSBAND, i tell you.
In which it all goes AU. Thankfully. Most of the rest should be up tomorrow.

i'd say love was a magical thing, i'd say love would keep us from pain )
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Every Love and Each Regret
Part 3, Chapter 3.
Getting there! Honest!
Lyrics from Red Hot Chili Peppers' Otherside

i heard your voice through a photograph )


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