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So [livejournal.com profile] leupagus hosted this "damn your fandom is awesome at what you do" fest. And mainly what I do, as my poor flist knows, is bitch about my university. Here we have Leon, Gwaine, Arthur and Merlin as Psychology PhD students, Morgana as the evil IT lady, and Elena as the sociology student for whom Gwaine would totally ignore his love of the scientific method.

What Passes for Normal, PG, blink-and-you-miss-it A/M, 930 words

what passes for normal )

This one was written for [livejournal.com profile] wldcatsprstr_14's "fix-it-with-fluff fest".

Merlin/Gwaine, G, Hot Chocolate, 545 words

hot chocolate )

And these next two were written for [livejournal.com profile] cinnatart's multi-fandom kissing meme.

The first has backstory! This backstory: So this is from a fic I started when I first fell into this fandom where Gaius owns a summer camp for disadvantaged kids. Merlin, Gwen, Will, Elena, Gwaine and Lancelot are regular supervisors/counsellors/whatever the word is. Uther wants to buy the land the camp is on, and sends Arthur to volunteer/do reconnaissance. Merlin sees through that ruse in a second and hates Arthur with a passion. But then destiny. And now the backstory is almost longer than the kiss. *facepalm* Basically the fic is like 99% abandoned, but I figured I could at least finish a smooch for this meme.

Arthur/Merlin, First Kiss, G, 588 words

first kiss )

Arthur/Gwaine, Spin The Bottle: Not Just For Horny Teenagers, PG-13, 710 words

spin the bottle )

Alrighty! I have a couple more to post, but I want to write a few more first. Aw yis.
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So, meme drabble number 2, for [personal profile] brighty18 who asked for Remus/Sirius + humour. I fail at being funny in fics unless it's by accident so I hope this is ok!
Again, totally not a drabble. ~1000
Rated, probably, about PGish? Only for swearing though.

drabble 2 )
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For [personal profile] dreamdustmama who gave me a whole raft of pairings to choose from and wanted anything from preslash to smut. It came out thus:

Juuust preslash.
Oh, and it's totally not a drabble. ~860 words

drabble #1 )


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