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Jun. 18th, 2013 08:05 pm
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Title: Switch (series) by Ceres_Libera
Fandom: Star Trek (Reboot)
Rated: Mature
Pairing: Kirk/McCoy, various other pairings including Kirk/OC and McCoy/OC
Word Count: ~265000 so far
Author's Summary: The life and times of Leonard H. McCoy MD/PhD … If Leonard McCoy's life could get any fucking weirder, it would be … Jesus, he didn't even want to think what that could possibly mean, because it's already been too fucking weird to make any kind of rational sense. A Starfleet Academy story, set in the ST:XI universe. (Summary of the first, 230k part)

Why I loved it: Oh god. Okay. Deep breaths. THIS. FUCKING. FIC.

I've devoured the complete parts over the last few days and just, augh. *incoherent flailing* There is just so much in here, you guys. So much world-building and so much psychology, and so many lovely (and heartbreaking) references to the wider canon. The really long first part follows Bones and Jim (through Bones's eyes) from when they first meet to an epilogue which takes place after the 2009 film ends and they are a little way into a five year mission.

I loooove academy fic anyway, but this is just so much more than an academy fic. There is such wonderful, heartbreaking detail about both their backgrounds, and the ways they try to find their places in the world. Bones's cynicism but also his empathy come through beautifully and Jim through Bones's eyes is just. Guh. Damaged and yet not in need of fixing, and so, so heartbreakingly young, in spite of everything. (PS, lots of Tarsus references, so, you know, be warned.)

There's another part of this still being written, which looks to be Gaila-centric, and I will be waiting with bated breath for that to be completed, because one thing this fic does is create a whole bunch of characters (some who are nods to TOS canon and some who are fresh) and bind them together, both as cadets and instructors and colleagues, until when Nero's attack finally comes it can't be anything other than completely heartbreaking.

Seriously guys. Run, don't walk, if only for McCoy's wonderful, glorious Gram. (But really for so much more than that.)
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