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Oh my! This is something I promised to [livejournal.com profile] rearranged and [livejournal.com profile] badjujuboo, and is an in no way comprehensive list of things I've liked in Avengers fandom. Cutting by pairings because whoo boy, this got long! I haven't put anything in the way of summaries and tbh my laziness is so epic that this being anything more than a big list of ugly links feels like SUCH an accomplishment. Endless respect to people who actually rec properly omg.

Also! I've tried not to rec anything that is based in comic canon to such an extent that you actually need to know the canon beforehand. (AKA there are no post Civil War fics waiting to choke you with angst hurrah!)

edit: 23/10/2012 - OKAY so even just since posting this list I've read a few more awesome fics so I'm going to keep adding to this list intermittently. Enjoy!

Whatever You Ask, explicit, 20k

Exactly The Way You Like It, explicit, 2k

The Man With The Clockwork Heart, explicit, 30k, AU

Bulletproof, explicit, 20k, AU, Clint/Coulson sequel listed below

Childhood Sweethearts, general audiences, 700 words, ADORABLE.

Come On Closer, explicit, 4k

The Twice-Told Tale, explicit, 15k, crying forever, favourite in the world etc

Run Program: Dum-E, mature, 11k, bots!

Got The Cream, mature, 21k, AU (formerly a cat!Tony. Really cute.)

Homefront, explicit, 13k

Ironsides, explicit, 23k, Tony is Antonia Stark

Tomorrow Belongs To Me, explicit, 87k

Torque and Friction, explicit, 4k

I Stole the Keys to This Guy, mature, 6k

A Very, Very, Very Fine House, general audiences, 41k

Take Two, explicit, 4k, Tony in high heels asjkadfs

A Touch of Lace, explicit, 5k, Steve in high heels because I am an equal opportunities kinda gal

The Act of Creation Will Be Your Salvation, mature, 85k, bots! (Also, basically everything by this author is top notch. Also, bots!)

Dressed to Impress, explicit, 6k, uniform kink aw yis.

For America, explicit, 5k

Arms And The Man, explicit, 14k

Right Place, Right Time, mature, 33k, double gender swap (from birth)

When I Think (Oh It Terrifies Me), explicit, 8k

We Don't Need A Heart of Gold, We Need The Heart of A Lion, explicit, 17k

Aripa, explicit, 11k

Launch Your Assault, explicit, 30k, sequel to Bulletproof

  • I Swear I'll Drive All Night Just To Buy You Some Shoes, explicit, 12k, sequel by another author

    Now We've Learned to Kiss The Sky, explicit, 14k, GLORIOUS FLUFF :')

    To Live For A Moment In Unison, teen, 9k, asexuality fic

    A Little Bit of Your Taste (In My Mouth), explicit, 20k, coffee shop AU

    Starbucks Can Suck It, mature, 17k, coffee shop AU

    Recurve, mature, 27k, Clint feelings omg

    Moments of Note, teen, 6k, ADORABLE

    The Gift of Idunn, teen, 14k, fix-it fic with a twist

    You're The One I Like The Best, mature, 7k

    Easy to Blur, explicit, 3k

    Won't You Please (Leave Your Mark On Me), explicit, 20k

    Bicycle Made For Two, explicit, 8k, pretend husbands!

    Be Calm, Look Cute, mature, 18k, de-aging fic

    Don't Be Alarmed If I Fall Head Over Feet, mature, 18k, FEELINGS

    And I'll Cross Oceans Like Never Before, explicit, 17k, CLINT GETS TURNED INTO A PUPPY AUGH DYING OF CUTE

    Taming a Hawk, mature, 20k

    To The Hounds, To The Daily Mail series, explicit, 8k and 58k

    Stark, A.E., and Banner, R. Bruce. (2013). "Biodosimetric Tools for Measuring Induced Isomeric Transition in Inverted Paired States." International Journal of Radiation Biology 89.9, 43-85., explicit, 17k, also Tony/Pepper, and Tony/Hulk

    Emergency Pants, explicit, 5k

    Experiments and Controls, explicit, 3k

    Our Own Share of Miseries, explicit, 2k

    Bigmouth Strikes Again, Tony/Loki, mature, 16k

    Taking Action series, explicit, fics of 27k, 14k, 24k, Tony/Steve/Pepper, Natasha/Bruce and Clint/Coulson respectively, covering much the same events but from different POVs

    Nothing Good Was Ever Easy, Tony/Pepper/Bruce, mature, 23k,

    Head/Heart/Lungs, Tony/Steve/Bruce, general audiences, 12k

    My Normal Approach is Useless Here, Tony/Steve/Bucky, mature, 11k

    Power, Steve/Thor, explicit, 7k

    Enough To Go Around, Steve/Tony, Tony/Pepper, Clint/Phil, Everyone/Steve, explicit, 10k

    Desiderata, Tony/Loki, explicit, 30k

    Shadow Plays, Thor/Loki, explicit (some non-con), 24k, Asgardian groundhog day!

    Hapless Queer Avengers series, Tony/Steve, Thor/Bruce, Loki/Doom, SO MANY MANY MORE, PERFECTION IN FIC FORM, READ NOW, mature, 346k total so far (!!!!! Note: not a typo. SO MANY GLORIOUS WORDS)

    Green is Indeed The Colour of Lovers, Tony/Pepper/Bruce, also Tony/Hulk, explicit, 5k

    I've Suffered Shipwrecks, Clint/Loki, Steve/Thor, Bruce/Natasha, past Clint/Natasha, mature, 29k, coffee shop AU

    Kisses On The Necks of Best Friends, Clint/Natasha, explicit, 4k, AU

    We're Gonna Have A Good Time, Everyone/Tony, explicit, 7k

    SteĆ°i As He Goes, Clint/Thor, explicit, 8k

    Safeword, Tony/Steve/JARVIS, Tony/Others, mature, 6k

    There absolutely MUST be amazing things I've missed out, so hey, drop anything in the comments that you think I/other people should read. As the list (especially the 'other' section) indicates, I will read pretty much anything haha.

    WOW, I have done no work today because I kept rereading ALL THE THINGS. Happy sunday, guys.
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