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Title: Fortunate Son by mardia
Fandom: Star Trek (Reboot)
Rated: Explicit
Pairing: Kirk/McCoy
Word Count: 50k
Author's Summary: When Leonard McCoy is kidnapped and held for ransom, Jim Kirk and the Enterprise crew have no idea that the kidnapping is connected to McCoy's past as a young doctor on Tarsus IV.

Why I loved it: I have absolutely torn through this fic last night and today, and been completely gripped. The premise itself is really interesting - I've seen a lot of fics on how reboot Kirk would (fail) to deal with Tarsus but the whole point here is that maybe he was never there in this universe. Maybe a young, green, wet-behind-the-ears but still recognisably Bonesian Leonard McCoy was instead.

It's a wonderful, occasionally harrowing look at the outcomes of that possibility, and is told in alternating sections between now, when McCoy has been kidnapped, ostensibly for ransom, and Tarsus. There are a ton of wonderful OCs, and you know it's good when you cry over OC deaths. Which I did. A ton, so be warned on that front, I guess.

Really good, plotty, intrigue type fic, with many a TOS reference (Harry Mudd!) including an explanation of where TOS McCoy's baby blues got to. Go forth and adore.

can you guess which ao3 tags i have been trawling for fic recently? >.>


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