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Title: A Lopsided Symmetry of Sin and Virtue by language_escapes
Fandom: Elementary
Rated: Teen
Pairing: Joan/Sherlock
Word Count: 25610
Author's Summary: "Joan thinks she should be less surprised by his sudden, “Watson, we’re getting married!” and yet, here she is, cooking her egg and trying not to be astonished."

Infants are vanishing, and Sherlock and Joan go undercover as a married couple to find their kidnappers.

Why I loved it: Okay so first of all, I was as pleased as anyone when the Elementary writers said that a romantic relationship was not their goal with Joan and Sherlock. But then they say things like "I think what you do is amazing" and "You already know I favour you" and "The thing that's different about me, empirically speaking, is you" and my brain catches on fire. Basically, I am in love with this show, and I am in love with the dynamic between Joan and Sherlock and tbh if they keep on doing what they're doing, I don't care if it eventually becomes a love relationship or remains a BFFs and awesome colleagues relationship. And honestly, I felt similarly through reading this fic. Whether the author had ended it with a romance or not, I would have been equally happy with this fic.

The case is, at times, harrowing, but I feel that that shows a lot of their strengths (particularly Joan's - her response was exactly the kind of classy and insightful behaviour the show has led me to expect), and as with the show, it's the relationship that makes it.

Okay, so as the summary says, they are undercover as a married couple, so they have all the best elements of that trope (closer contact, bed sharing etc) but it is done with the same level of respect for each other, and boundary negotiation that they demonstrate on the show. One of the things I really loved was how they differentiate certain touches and thoughts and feelings as belonging to their cover-selves, and some belonging to their true selves. There is a very lovely scene where Joan touches Sherlock's wrist, as she does often in the show (including in some of my favourite scenes) and that is their moment.

PLUS! Bonus Ms. Hudson. Run, don't walk.

sidebar: any other good Elementary fics out there? Shippy or gen, I am just in the mood because for anyone who doesn't follow my tumblr: I. AM. OBSESSED.


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