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Title: We Are Built From Broken Parts by missbecky
Fandom: Avengers x Doctor Who crossover
Rated: Mature
Pairing: Steve/Tony
Word Count: 36146
Author's Summary: On his first day in office, Britain's new Prime Minister unleashes an alien terror upon the Earth. The Avengers are first formed to fight this threat - only to fail. Now the survivors are prisoners on board the Master's ship. And he has plans for them.

Why I loved it: YOUSE GUYS. So this is a crossover with the episodes Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords which are among some of my favourite episodes (weird floaty Time Lord moment aside *snerk*) but for those of you with minimal or no Who knowledge, I think you could totally still read and enjoy it, as it is from Tony's POV, not from that of a DW character.

Essentially, when The Master (bad guy) unleashes the Toclafane (killer...alien..sphere..things? Go with it), The Avengers are scrambled to deal with it. And they fail mightily and epically and what's left of them end up The Master's prisoners on The Valiant (couldn't help a giggle at the description of that ship as 'a poor man's helicarrier') for 'the year that never was'. Naturally The Master tries to enlist Tony in arming his ships, and Tony's response and rebellion fits so well with the DW story that I confess I squealed a little in glee.

Do pay attention to the tags on the story (temporary character death, and torture in particular) but I do recommend this one a lot. As I said to the author, I would pay actual cashmonies for Natasha and Martha's story because please. Who run the world, etc. The ending is not what I was expecting, but it works and I wouldn't describe it as an unhappy ending. Go, flist, go. Awesome fic.


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